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About Us

I appreciate the hard work you guys do getting the hard to find Sox. It makes this hobby more enjoyable when you get hard working guys like you to help track these guys down. I'm also looking forward to the superb lineup you guys have arrange for Shriner's. Keep up the great work and know collector's like me really appreciate it!
- Steve C.
Sure Shot Promotions is a leading full-service marketing, promotions, auction and sports memorabilia company since 2003.

Sure Shot Promotions was founded by Mike Josselyn, a marketing veteran with over four decades of broad experience in operations, marketing, fundraising and retail management. This valuable knowledge enables us to develop creative and effective customer-specific marketing programs and events, and execute these programs efficiently. Our promotions have received national attention for their creativity, customer participation, and success.

Our memorabilia division boasts a wide variety of items from sports stars of yesterday and today, and our signings and events draw some of the top names in sports. We currently run the largest memorabilia convention in New England at the Shriner's Auditorium. It is 34 years old and has set record attendance the last two years.

Sure Shot Promotions has built strong partnerships in the community - with local media outlets, large corporations, community organizations, and professional sports teams. This network allows us to offer distinctive programs and products, drawing on a diverse background of past clients and partners.

If you would like more information on our programs or products, please contact us.
Sure Shot Promotions P.O. Box 158 Hanson, MA 02341 781-754-0063