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I’ve been collecting Red Sox and other baseball items for a number of years now and you guys are by far the best company I’ve dealt with. I’ll look forward to the fall show and I’ll make sure to check your site for anything else that might come up.
- Joe
Sure Shot Promotions can assist your organization with fundraising in many unique ways.

Sure Shot Promotions will supply your fundraiser with our authentic sports memorabilia at up to 50% off normal retail store costs. In addition, we authenticate each piece of memorabilia, frame each photo, and cube each ball at no charge. For every ten memorabilia pieces you put in your auction, Sure Shot Promotions will provide an additional piece absolutely free.

Sure Shot Promotions will deliver the items to your event, with a minimum bid set for each item. If the minimum bid is not met, we will take back the item at no cost to you. Anything that sells above the minimum goes back to your non-profit - 100%. In addition, you keep 100% of the proceeds of any of the items we provided for free. This is a no-risk, all-reward opportunity.

Corporate Rewards/Incentives
Looking for an interesting sales incentive for your staff? A "thank you" for a new business partner? Sure Shot Promotions can provide thousands of highly sought after, one-of-a-kind pieces of sports memorabilia at reduced cost that will surely provide the right incentive for your sales staff. Call us for details!

Mystery Packs
Sure Shot Promotions has created the "Mystery Pack" which contains autographed 8 x 10 photos of your favorite Boston sports celebrities. Every pack is guaranteed to contain an autograph - the lucky pack could contain a Tom Brady, David Ortiz or a legend like Carl Yazstremski. You sell each pack for $25 of which $10 goes back to your non-profit organization. If your 500 member little league sells only one "Mystery Pack" per child, you are guaranteed to make a minimum of $5000. Everyone wins!
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